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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  December 5, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> it was chilly there, o. >> i guess the cold/not cold line lives around fredericksburg. plenty of cold in our forecast today. looks like it will stick around for much of the next several days as well. so december off to a cold start out there. plenty of sunshine getting through partly to at times mostly cloudy sky. more clouds the further out to the west you go today. more sunshine to the east, so you folks in annapolis more sunshine today, winchester, virginia, going to be lucky if you get too many breaks of sunshine. winds out there keeping windchills in the 20s. light snow showers flying in far western maryland and southern west virginia but that's about it. none of those accumulating schmoes coming our way. can't rule out the occasional snowflakes for those in northern and western maryland, west of the blue ridge might get a little bit of conversational snow but nothing to really worry
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about. nothing to sweep, shovel or plow. the cold will stick around. how long it will last and an increase of chances. >> a lot still have leaves to sweep. >> yes. >> mother anywnature will keep a very tricky business today with all the wind blowing around. >> good. another excuse. >> thank you, chuck. this morning police are searching for a gunman who shot a man in a busy part of northwest d.c. the shooting happened on seventh street not far from the convention center. police say the shots were fired just before 6:00 last nighnear an apartment building. bullets hit a man inthe neck. he was rushed to the hospital but there's no word on his condition at this hour. >> later today students in a western maryland college campus will remember to gather two classmates killed in a fire. early friday morning a fire spread to their apartment building near frostburg state university. 23 ye 23-year-old evan coalbg from germantown and 20-year-old alyssa salsberg died. evan's sister says he was a hard
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worker getting ready to gruate. >> he owned a pizza parlor, co-owned a pizza parlor in downtown frostburg. and he loved the community there and h was just very, very hard working. >> frostburg state will hold a memorial i honor of the two students killed. the school s counselors available for anyone wanting to discuss this tragedy. tomorrow, prince george's county will get a new line of leadership in the midst of a federal probe. swearing in ceremonies will include baker who won last monts election for county executive. that job is currently held by the embattled leader. federal agents arrested johnson and his wife leslie last month and charged the couple with tampering and destruction of evidence. there is a call for leslie hnson not to be among those sworn in as a new councilmember in prince george's county tomorrow. she won the sixth district seat
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before last month's arrest. petition organizers plan to deliver the 190 or so signatures to the maryland general assembly and governor martin o'malley. officials have said there is no state law to prevent leslie johnson fromeing sworn in despite the federal charges against her. >> a maryland family is putting the pieces backogether after a wild intruder broke into their home. >>his intruder was different than most starting with the fact it had four legs and horns. darcy spencer has more owhat a deer did to their home. >> reporter: the gaping hole in this picture window is how he got in. a five-point buck apparently spooked, crashedthrough the glass of this home in ak keying and virtually dtroyed everything in sight. >> he tore the house up. you think a demolition derby went through the house. >> reporter: richard got a frantic call from his wife telling him a deer was insid their neighbor's home and it sounded like -- >> a huge, loud boom. almost like a bomb going off or
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major car accident. >> reporter: he grabbehis shotgun and went inside. >> i'm in the house and the house was a mess. the deer was tearing everything up, dining room, he was horning, broke one of his horns off. >> reporter: this didn't end quickly or easily. he first tried to wrestle the deer which bucked him in the stomach right where recently had surgery. >> he couldn't grip the floor but he jumped straight up and his horn hit the cling. i was trying to shoot the gun and i kept panicking and putting the bullet in the wrong barrel. >> reporter: his wife was waiting outside. >> we heard the fir shot and, okay, he finally got him and we yelled in and heard a commotion going on again, oops, no, he didn't. >> reporter: he did eventually kill the buck out of concern for the safety of a paralyzed man who lived in the home with his wife. steve was their son. >> it was a blessing because my mom wouldn't have been able to do it. she's too old and it took hours
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for the -- someone from the county to g here. so the house would have been completely demolished. >> reporter: he says he has hunted in the past but has never come this close to a buck and never wants to again. >> i'm just glad everybody is okay and can be fixed. an unbelievable experience. >>eporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> there were live animals at this next production but nothing crazy like that. some of the biggest names in gospel helped spread holiday cheer in an amazing production this weekend. ♪ >> this christmas song featured singers yolanda adams and marvin sapp as well as maryland's own steven hurd. you're looking at yesterday's opening number that kicked off two weeks of holiday events at the evangel cathedral in upper marlboro. the show features a laser light show, pyrotechnics and live animals like camels, sheep, and
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llamas. chstmastime can be difficult for families of our service men and women but one company is making sure their holiday season is a little brighter by giving away chrimas trees. derrick ward is live at smoky glenn farm in gaithersburg. a good thing they're doing for these troops families. >> reporter: indeed it is. that can company is bae systems and they are going to be donating some christmas trees to military families aroundhe area. take a look back here. these are some of the precut trees that folks will be able to take away from here. they're donating trees and trimmings to the local uso in cooperation with smoky glenn farm here in gaithersburg where we are this morning. these trees will go goo some 100 miliry families at area bases. and what also will be happening today out here at smoky glenn farm, the trees, the trimming, the stand and also some options. they can either select from these precut trees or there's a field beyond the hill where they can go out and cut the trees
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themselves and that's always a good experience this time of year. joining me now is aaron thompson, she is bae systems. this is the second year that you've done this, rrect? >> we've start this had because our employees wanted to make sure we could give back to military families that do so much for us throughout the year. >> reporter: what was it like last year? a lot of these folks are away from home. they're here for the jobs essentially and i guess that helps warm them, doesn't it? >> absolutely. the stories last year were amazing. a lot of them had never had a live tree and a lot of them had a family member deployed. so being able to bringthis warm holiday spirit to them touched all of our hearts as well. >> reporter: and this is an all day activity. there are other things that will be going on, right? >> they can have chili, hot chocolate, crafts for the kids to participate in. this will be a great day. >> reporter: and hay rides as well. hopefully in the sun with this cold. >> let's hope the wind cuts
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down. >> reporter: exactly. a very good thing for military families in our areagoing on today at smoky glenn farm. it gets under way at about 10:30 is when you get started? >> correct, 10:30. >> reporter: excellent. there you have it live in gaithersburg, back to you. >> phenomenal charity there. thank you, derrick. >> that sounds great. still ahead, you know how casinos can be hazardous to your bank account. what about your health? >> and a two-letter word could save a virginia man from a jail sentence. we'll explain why when we return.
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a worker has won mre than $4 million in a lawsuit settlement over second-hand smoke. vincent said he developed cancer after working in a smoke filled tropicana a see kncasino/resort. they did not stoplighting up in the halls. he wants the state to make all public work places smoke-free. >> what was right and what was wrong and i think it sets a precedent and shows how serious it ito a smoke-free vironment. >> renick is now cancer free and works at dover downs in delaware which is a smoke-free casino.
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the word at you probably say and write it dozens of times a day. one virginia law does not include thword at and that omission could help one man avoid jail. julie kerry has more on this legal loophole. >> reporter: it was back in je when john mendezas trailing a school bus. it stopped to drop off students. mendez didn't. a police officer was right there and ticketed him for passing a stopped school bus. >> i did stop and did my best effort. >> reporter: he face add reckless driving charge that would put six points on his driving record and carried a possibility of jail time. so he found a lawyer who then found something strange in the law. >> as pa of any complication, i pulled the law off and opened it up and took a look at it with him. that when something appeared not ight. >> reporter: he wasn't an english major in college so he took his hunch and a statute to a george mason university
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english composition professor. she agreedhere was a grammatically snafu that changed the whole meaning of the law that could also help his client. the error occurred when the law was amended in 1970 and the word "at" was stricken. >> when you take the word at out, again, with the nonrtrictive modifier in between the commas, you take that out. a person is guilty of reckless driving who fails to stop any school bus which is stopped. >> reporter: so instead of making it illegal to pass a stopped school bus it made it illegal for someone not to stop the bus it self. he lost the case in district court but two weeks ago on appeal a circuit court judge saw it his way. john mendez was off the hook. but the error may not stay on the books much longer. anamended bill when the assembly reconvenes in january. >> puts the word at back in the statute that you have to stop
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your car when a school bus turns its lights on instead of having to get out of the car and wave your hands to get the bus to stop. >> reporter: ray morrow says he's not worried about losing other similar cases in the pipeline. he says the one judge's ruling is not binding on others. prosecutors will continue to use the reckless driving charge in the hopes other charges will side with them and find offenders guilty. the lawmakers seek to go fix the bill says he might add an emergency clause so the new law can be changed as soon as the amendment wins approval. >>how did we go for decades with no one bringing this issue ? >> it's definitely an odd thing. >> all right. we've been discussing this one behind-the-scenes. i won't tell you where aaron falls on this debate. let's bring in chuck. >> you just did. >> you have to stop when the light -- you see the sign that says stop, stop, stop. that's when you stop. it's easy to know.
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they love the taste and i feelood that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. brefast never tasted this good. 18 after the hour. chuck is here with us this morning. we've been watching this very slow climb in temperatures. >> it's not moved much. >> it's going to be a very long, steady progress to get maybe to 40 degrees today and that's ten degrees colder than average. >> windchill, right? >> plus the wind is goi to be blowing. a good kite flying day, no doubt abouthat. you'll have to bundle up, need kite flying gloves and a hat and a scarf. >> no one is going to fly a kite today. >> you'd be surprised. >> if you have a kite, go on down to the mall and seef we can't find you. or send me a picture and we'll have it on here next weekend. outside, yes, indeed, cold winter day out there for sure.
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rfect weather for hot chocolate and anpple cider. getting ready to wrap up 2010. hopefully 2011 is even better. outside on a saturday -- a sunday morning now, rather, mostly cloudy skies. stl plenty of clouds on our who are horizon but there are thin spots in the overcast that's allowing some sunshine to get on through. there's that northwest wind, though, at ten miles an hour that will continue to increase once the sun starts to mix up the atmosphere a little bit. the winds are blowing even harder 3,000 fee up. once the sun gets going it starts to turn over the atmosphere and mixes the wind energy down. by midafternoon northwest 15 t 30 miles an hour at times, even higher across the high spots north and west. so 30 degrees in martinsburg. 29 hagerstown. 33 waldorf and la plata. windhills are still in the mid-20s in many spots so you will need your winter gear to get outside and spend any real
9:20 am
time outdoors today if you're going to do any walking or jogging today just remember to wear in layers so that you can get the layers off as you warm your body up. light snow across much of southern west virginia. that's not coming our way. that little alberta clipper system is long gone off the cape of north carola and virginia moving further on out. that storm is actually going to make the loop up the coast. head for the canadian maritimes and become part of a very large deep area of low pressure i eastn canada that will be a big part of our weekday forecast for the upcoming days and that area ofow pressure scoots up to our north, high pressure across the middle of the country will be caught in a very persistent northwest wind around here. that means one after another reinforcing shot of cold a coming our way as we get through the early part of the week. be ready for some chilly days. partly sunny to mostly cloudy. windy and cold. temperatures staying in the upper 30s to near 40 today. even colder tomorrow, partly
9:21 am
sunny. windhills in the 20s again through morrow afternoon. tomorrow's high only 39 degrees. the cold keeps coming for tuesday and wednesday. i thinkthe coldest day of the week may be wednesday afternoon and going into wednesday night and thursday morning. that's going to be some cold stuff around here. the next chance ofny precip doesn'show up until saturday. right here on nbc 4 tonight the steelers at the ravens. if you're heading up to the game, bundle up. bring something very warm to sit on, 29 degrees at kickoff. could be in e mid-20s by the time the game is done. >> thank you, chuck. a thrill d of college football especially for hokies fans. >> hakem dermish has highlights from a busy saturday in sports. good morning, everyone. your "sports minute" starts with hockey. alex ovechkin has been helping others score goals. the great 8 has eight assists and no goals. last night ovechkin's slump
9:22 am
over. fortunately, his goal s the only one. the capitals fall tohe thrashers at home, 3-1. alex ovechkin and the caps ranked second in the league on the power play. second period no score. caps with the man advantage. off the face-off here. puck over to mike greebut ondrej pavelec, wow, with the glove save. see it again. pavelec had 45 saves in the game. he was phenomenal. the caps were 0-5 on the power play. less than a minute to play in the second caps down 2-0. semin to ovechkin, shoots and scores. let's see that twice. snaps a nine-game goal drought and the caps cut the lead to one. so here they come. but in the third period still down a goal on the power play is atlanta rich peverley, top of your seen, passes to ladd. he sneaks it in past schulz. that hurts. the capitals fall 3-1 to atlanta. their third loss at home this season. college football now. adversity tests character. here is an example. before the season started virginia tech was expected to
9:23 am
contd for the national championship. after two straight defeats to open the year, the hokies' dreams were crushed but they didn't pack it in. instead, virginia tech ripped off ten straight wins. last night their bigge test playing florida state for the acc championship. and coach frank beamer tried to lead the hokies to their fourth title. hokies get a break. e.j. emanuel's pass tipped. ends up in the hds of former stone bridge standout winslow. he returns it 24 yards for the touchdown. virginia tech takes the 7-3 lead. third quarter, it's 21-17, hokies. that's when tyrod taylor puts it out of reach. taylor with plenty of time. so smooth here. finds danny cole all alone and he does the rest. 45-yard score. virginia tech up 28-17 now. later in the third more hokies. taylor feeling some pressure but he's cool here. fires quickly to a wide open david wilson.
9:24 am
good for a 21-yard touchdown. taylor had four tds, thr passing, one rushing. the hokies win the acc championship 44-33. coach frank beamer, well, he gets the gatorade bath ande was not even expecting it. that's when you're kind of chilly. the hokies win the 11th straight earning an automatic bid to the orange bowl. all right. to west virginia. the mountaineers take on rutgers trying to clinch a share of the big east title. west virginia with the ball. handoff to austin. see you. 46 yards for the touchdown. west virginia wins it 35-14 clinching a share of the big east title but connecticut will represent the big east in the bcs. last night the huses defeated south florida 19-16. uconn holds the tiebreaker. high school football, maryland aa championship. the mcdonough rams against the knights of frederick county. mcdonough on offense.
9:25 am
throws to his buy gray. gray slips all the tackles in for a 47-yard touchdown. the rams take a 6-0 lead. third quarter, more mcdonough. number 44 is george leonard. he plays linebacker here. he throws it up for gray and he hauls it in. great catch. his third td of the game. mcdough defeats middletown 21-14 and captures his first state title in 20 years. congrats to those guys. college hoops, georgetown, sixth in the nation in three-point field goal percentage. yesterday against utah state, the hoyas di't need the three. their defense did the trick forcing 15 turnovers. john thompson iii and the hoyas riding a win streak. hoyas up three. utah ste with the ball. not anymore. beautiful steal. thank you very much. head to chs wright. a thing of beauty. up behind his back and in. great play. second half. hoyas on the move. they go back to their go-to guy.
9:26 am
chris wright top of your screen for three. he finished with 21 points. the hoyas only made two three-pointers in the game but no problem. they win it 68-51 improving to 8-0. all right. let's go to fairfax. george mason opening up conference play against unc-wilmington. first half, patriots moving the ball well. luke hancock drives, dishes to mike morrison. yes. and sharing is caring. it wasll patriots after that. later, off the inbound, pass to freshman vaughn from deep and he buries the three-pointer. part of a 36-15 ruto close out the half. vaughns was 4-5 from beyond the arc. finished with 14 points off the bench. george mason wins it 80-. that's your morning sports. i'hakem dermish. have a great day. still ahead thishour, stunning details about hacking attacks on google. wait until you hear who the u.s. government says was behind the whole thing. >> and an update to a story
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aaron brought you yesterday. this painting was bought for about $25. wait until (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly...
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(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart...
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(voe 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again. good morning and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm kimberly suiters. it's sunday, december 5th. the news is just ahead. first we want to cck in with chuck bell, our resident
9:30 am
meteorologist on the weekend. >> that's right. >> we have been watching the flags flap in the wind. >> it's a windy day to be outside. you can definitely tell that west to northwesterly trajectory. that's the one down -- let's see. where are those. that's right along pentagon row. those are clearly in the effects of a northwesterly breeze down there. temperatures are holding in the low to mid-30s now so a very noticeable chill in the air as you get your sunday started. hopefully you have some plans to get outside and enjoy the crispness of the wther. temperatures for windchills still in the m-20s out there so scarfs and mittens will be required unless you're going to do anything to work up a sweat. snowflakes have been confined and that's wre they'll stay. could see an isolated flurry or two. further out north and west you go the better chance you have of seeing the occasional snowflake. that's about . temperatures will struggle to
9:31 am
get up to near0 degrees today and the wind and the cold will be here for the next sever days so a real stretch of weather to g things started. >> thanks, chuck. >> he says with a smile. >> you remember august, right? >> i do. good point. the bush era tax cuts are set to ex tire on january 1st. democrats and republicans cannot seem to agree on whether or not to extend them or not. republicans are pushing for the tax cuts to be extended across the board while democrats feel the wealthy should get a tax increase. that's causing both sideso point fingers at one other. nbc's brian mooar gets into it. the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: the senate failed to pass pair of bills that would extend tax cuts do the middle class. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: if there's no compromise, taxes go up for everyone on january 1st, and each side is blaming the other. >> i think the vote today showed the american people where both sides of the aisle are.
9:32 am
democrats are for a middle class tax cut. republicans are willing to hold hostage thmiddle class tax cuts so they can get a tax cut for the very, very wealthy. >> reporter: but it wasn't just republicans. >> 100% of republicans and either four or five, i forget exactly which, also agree this is not the time to be raising taxes on anydy. >> reporter: one bill would have raised taxes on individuals making more than $200,000 a year. the other would have raised taxes on those making a million. president obama expressed disappointment and a willing ness to compromise. >> tod's votes cannot be the end of the discussion. it is absolutely essential to our hard working middle class families and to our economy to make sure that their taxes don't go up january 1st. >> reporter: meanwhile, the president announced a win on another front, a breakthrough on free trade with south korea.
9:33 am
that pact will give the president and republicans a chance to work together. brian mooar, news 4. democratic leaders say they are hoping to reach an agreement on the tax cuts this week. they say theywant to package the tax cuts with an extenon on unemployment benefits. >> now to the latest on the wikileaks controversy. one of the classified doments that was released last week ows that china's leaders ordered computer experts to hack search engine google. the memo wasent by the u. embassy in beijing to washington. it says high-ranking leaders in china's communist party ordered the hack because a senior leader und search results critical of himself. they have been at odds because of china's efforts to censor the search engine. authorities say they're close to arresting wikileaks founder julian assange on rape charges. assange denies the allegations and says if arrested he will release even more classified
9:34 am
documents. pay pal cut off the site's account used to collect donations. they say wikileaks is engaged in illegal activity. virginia democrats have named longtime state senator brian moran to run the state's party. he has been named the virginia democrat party chaman. he was elected to the house of delegates in '96, resigned in '08 for an unsuccessful run. they are looking for a new face to lead their party as they struggle to recapture the momentum after barack obama won thstate in 2008. moran is the youngest of seven. older brother jim was re-elected to another term. charles rangel has officially been censored by the house of representatives and he is not happy about it. the 80-year-old representative received a censure after being found guilty of multiple house ethics violations. he ske to reporters yesterday and said while he admits he made
9:35 am
mistakes, he doesn't feel that censure was the appropriate course of action. people have raise this had to the level of censure. i didn't have sewith any kids. i didn't rob any money. never had any bribes. and that is abundantly clr. >> and now there's word that rangel might face more legal problems. the federallections commission is investigating a complaint that he used money from his political action fund to pay for his legal defense. >> an update now to a story we brought you yesterday. remember that roy lichtenstein original painting that a local couple was auctioning off yterday? well, let's say they are pretty happy with it. they had a good day here. they expected $40,000 to $60,000 for the painting. well, it sold for $128,000 not a bad return on a piece of art th they spent 12 bucks on. they decided to sell it to help
9:36 am
their grandchildren live a better life. an art collector from maclean bought that painting. a big deal for them considering what they were expecting. >> yeah. still ahead this hour, a guide to buying this year'sottest video games. you won't want to miss this fore you finish up your holiday shopping or get it started. >> this young man also could definitely help you pick the right game. he'll introduce you to this week's "wednesday's child." [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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so? [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? y yoplait light. i've lost weight. [ female anc ] with 3liciouflavors aroundoriech. plait. it is so good.
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this week's "wednesday's child" is a wonderful young man who happens to have a talent for video games. >> at 14 he's pretty shy but after mastering a wii game we got a glimpse of lae oeo's winn smile. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> i hear you really like to play video games. is that right? >> yes. >> reporter: so we thought a trip to the new best buy in prince george's county would be a fun place for leo to visit. hi. >> how are you? >> reporter: good to see you. this is leo. roger is the best buy geek squad took us to look at what's hot in gaming these days. we met wayne who was setting up the latest wii game.
9:40 am
leo got ready to try it out starting with archery. looking good. leo me close to a bull's eye on his first try. his social worker says he's a kid who wants to do well. he really likes games. >> he likes to interact. he likes to please people. >> reporter: he says leo ha't had the encouragement of a loving family. he's been in foster care since he was just 6 years old. >> definitely looking for a family that will provide the security, the needs to help this young man grow. >> reporter: the first try with bowling little a strike. what do you think you like to do when you grow up? >> a game aracter. a game where you make a new game. >> reporter: you want to create new games. where are you living now, leo? >> in a group home. >> reporter: in a group home. do you like that? >> not a lot. reporter: what would you rather have?
9:41 am
>> a family. >> since he was 6 years old he's had no stability, so he definitely nee someone that will be committed to him and that's going to show him that someone out here will love him and be here for him. >> reporter: someone who wil applaud him and reward him for being who he is. >> show our appreciation we're giving you your very own psp. >> repter: it's not the family he's been hoping for but maybe that will happen, too. barbara harrison, news 4, for "wednesday's child." if you have room in your heart for leo or another child call our special adoption hotline. the number is on your screen. 1-888-2-adopt-me. or logon to 9:41ight now. let's check in with chuck. okay. we're ready for a breezy day. i dug up a factoid to get the winter chill off of you. >> thiis when professor be comes to life. >> you will not feel as cold.
9:42 am
a complete check and a look ahead coming up.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:44 right now. still 35 degrees. >> we're going to be saying that for a while day after day. >> that's true. but, as i mentioned, i had a factoid for you so rather than my close-up, we'll just go right over and may even need to go to show you the factoid.
9:45 am
we'll take a look att outside. a beautiful day for today but -- >> you're going to get a close-up anyway. >> what do you think. it all looks gray to me. feeling cold. no doubt about it. so here's a way you can beat the cold. arp and kimberly, are you ready? feeling cold, remember, 99 degrees on september the 24th. >> i love that. >> and even 79 degrees as recently as october the 28th. >> even better. >> you know, 99 degrees in late september. please. let's have a cold december afternoon any day but you like the warmth, just harken back to the oh, so recent days when we were way warmer than arage. that's not going to be the case today. temperatures will struggle to make it to around 40 degrees this afternoon. that northwest wind continuing to bw in the cold and dry air, too. dew points are down into the teens so it has that real dry
9:46 am
feel to it. a lot of moisture on your hands and skin if you're going to be spending any time outside. don't forget your hand screen -- your skin screen and your lip block. 36 degrees in frederick right now. 32 in winchter. wind chills are in the 20s. a brisk northwesterly wind will be around all day today. could bring an occasional snowflake or two over the mountains. the best chance for snow flurries today northern and western maryland. maybe as far east as portions of the blue ridge into the southern parts of the shenandoah valley. a stray snowflake or two. the real cold air i still bottled up across the upper midwest and, unfortunately for us, the pattern that we have in ace now, high pressure over the upper part of the country and low pressure now heading for the canadian marimes, at combination is going to provide a northwest wind flow around here for much of the next several days. that means cold and windy weather is here for not just your sunday but for most of moay, tuesday, and maybe lingering into wednesday as well. so cold aiis in the forecast. a trough of low pressure bringing some extra cloud cover as we go through the cose of the day tomorrow but that
9:47 am
persistent northwesterly flow will really keep us col st of the week. so for today partly sunny to mostly cloudy. windy and cold. northwest winds 15 to 30 miles an hour today will keep wind chills upper 20s to near the freezing mark. then tomorrow partly sunny, windy and even colder. highs stuck in the 30s tomorrow. wind chills in the 20s for most of your mnday afternoon. tuesday also breezy to windy and cold. wednesday i think the winds will start to leave us but it will be cold arod here with wednesday's high only around 37. i think the coldest night of the week will be wednesday night into thursday morning. could drop to 20 in town. that might be in the single digits. now that's getting a little cold. chuck, thank you. >> need help finding the perct video game for your kids? well, this week on kids post, they're going to help you out.
9:48 am
here is eun yang. >> reporter: welcome to a very special edition of kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. this week we're taking a look at some of the hottest video games on the rket and joining us once again is tracy grant from kids post on tv. tracy, always nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> disney is always big in any housold especially with kids. now we have epic disney. >> it is a new game for the wii, tuesday's kids post. they use a magic paint brush in this. it's visually stunning. >> good for little kids, too. >> good for little kids. it's rated "e" so just about anyone can play this. >> interesting. >> fun for adults, too. >> and harry potter is huge with the new movie. the books are popular. now a video game. >> there's a video game that marrs two of the great institutions of childhood, lego and harry potter and this lego harry potter available for all
9:49 am
platforms covers the first four years at hogwarts so lots to do. >> and for all the football fans in us, and we know as much as kids like to play madden, the parents ke to play just as much. >> well, we like to tell something to get the kids and the dads and the kids together, playing. madden nfl 11 smoother play calling, easier for younger kids who may not know the intricacies of the football and these games and several other hot ones tuesdain the kids post for a look at last-minute gif ideas. >> age range for madden? >> madden 8 and up. kids need to know. >> the prices are reasonable? >> the prices are $39.99 and up. madden for some systems is $59.99. video games arexpensive.
9:50 am
>> that's just the way it is. >> it is the way it is. >> one big ticket item. >> pick one your kids will really like. epic disney if you have wii, very cool. >> thank you so much, tracy, as always. and for some fun family activities visit or and click on kids post and that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. >> ever play video games? >> yes. >> really? >> i did when i had video games. atari and fogger. one of the most heated rivalries gets too heated in the parking lot before the game. an ugly scene involving fans. >> and more ugliness, at land
9:51 am
[ steve ] i was registering my citi card
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nbc 4 is the placeor politics on sunday morning. "the chris matthews show" follows us and then it's "meet the press." >> let's check in with them to see what they're work iing on ts week. good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show" bark obama's facing division in the country but there may be a big opening for him. the president's commission couldn't find unity bu there's a good chaps the president himself might grab the issue and try to build a movement for a sweeping plan, sacrificed by both sides. will he make it his cause? plus repealing don't ask, don't tell. why are someombat troops far more opposed than the pengon is? is there an inconvenient set of backs that has men and women
9:55 am
worrie join us for a great roundtable discussion. nofor a look at what's coming up on "meet the press" here is david gregory. > good morning. coming up this morning the president makes a surprise trip to afghanistan. washington feels the full weight of a sour economy with the jobless rate creeping up to 9.8% in november with still no deal on taxes or unemployment benefits, does either party see room for compromise ring the lame duck session of congress? joining me two men at the center of it all, republican leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell of kentucky and forhe democrats chairman ofthe senate foreign relations committee john kerry of massachusetts. plus, our political roundtable is all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> thank you, david. well, football is pretty tough game. sometimes people get hurt. but what if the injuries happen before the game? two people were stabbed in a massive brawl in a parking lot before the game happened. pasadena police say 50 to 75
9:56 am
people were involved in the fight and alcohol was definitely a contributing factor. three men were arrested from that brawl. in the end usc won the fight on e field 28-14. first the fans and then the mascots are supposed to show off team spirit. one team's mascot took his fandom too far. >> the cinciati bearcats mascot was arrested in the first half of cincy's game yesterday. he was throwing snowballs it at the plers apparently. police told him to stop. he kept throwing the snowballs. allegedly he pushed a security guard, too. that's when the mascot was thrown to the ground, cuffed and citedor disorderly conduct. a backup mascot took over at halftime. didn't work, though. the bearcats still lost 28-10. and a lot of booing there in the background obviously. >> a very partial crowd. see, that doesn't happenith the sooner schooner. >> here we go. >> the sooner schooner. you know, t big 12 champion
9:57 am
oklahoma schooners. hats off to nebraska. what a great game that was last night. i was on pins and needles. >> thank you, chuck. that's it for news 4 today. thanks for joining us, everyone. it's not christm yet. >> wake up tomorrow morningith the weekday team at 4:30 a.m. have a great sunday.
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